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I finished a / I have been working on for a while. It was to be a simple tablet test but it got out of hand xD
I am unsure if I will post uncensored panels (too many) but maybe ask for specific ones and I can drop them as replies here.

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Here is the ink to the whole kanji study series on pixiv, with actual link this time:

Here is sum more study I have worked on at the stream yesterday. Gonna probably make it the detault stream passtime for now :D

Finally finished the
Here is the full uncensored loop. The rest of the loop variants (20+ of em) are available on fanbox here for the cheapest tier, for those interested :D
It was a pain to export so I will probably not take it to this extreme in the future when it comes to animation variants and loops.

Sfw but you may appreciate mature version of Rose, a loli magical girl OC that I don't draw that often xD

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ツイ凍結ってことはロリ絵描き認定ってことなのかしら。。絵こっちにあんまりアップしてなかったんで( ;∀;)

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"We're at the edge of the world again
A step back is a step forward
Been here before when we were innocent
I saw the signs but I couldn't find the words
Now we're stuck in a wasteland
Everyone in the dark adores you
So much regret for things I never said
I should've left I always meant to"

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