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[Loli ahead]

So, the line animation is finally complete, other minor details and a possible background will be added in the colored version... Temp gif Link:iris.paheal.net/_images/6ee230

Not that nsfw but figured I might as well post here xD
I thought I may make something spicier using a new animation method I saw, but this stayed rather tame.

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Prostasia needs help to raise funds for a study on loli/shota. The purpose is to challenge the widely held belief that viewing loli & shota leads to an increase in the sexual abuse of real children.

A scientific study proving that loli/shota has no influence, or even decreases the amount of child sexual abuse in society would deal a huge blow to those that would take away our right to free expression.

Prostasia has collected $1,300 of the $15,000 they need so far. prostasia.org/donations/resear

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My partner drew the succubus from the previous sketches, and it's lovely so here you guys go:

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Hat kid line animation....wanted to make this look professional but its not a commission so I don't need to refine the lines....There's a chance that I'll do another one in the future but I dunno... I'll also take commissions in the future but first, I gotta grow an audience 🌚... I'll add colours later, got an exam to git to....

While I don't feel like posting WIPs on pixiv, I guess I could drop them here.
Here is some more Tatsumaki. Fubuki getting added to the mix too.
And I needed to do some tentacles eventually and this seems like a good chance :p

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If you've seen how terrible 90s hentai was, I highly recommend watching these two dudes talk about it.


When I saw this video was released, I absolutely dropped everything. Including my pants. :blobcool:

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Might as well drop a thing from the pixiv backlog here and there. This was a colab and I am wondering if maybe more should be made like this.
There is one more but maybe tomorrow :p

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