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My birthday commission from my friend one without the happy birthday on it

a quick doodle that @fairycosmo had as a sketch so i thought id throw an outline and color on it real quick

what @fairycosmo calls sketches i call learning opportunities using my tablet to outline and color for practice check out her page for all her awsome stuff and the background was just a pic i found to use lol. so now the next question is who's going to join her

@LawBun had a sketch of lola they did so with permission i outlined and colored it the best i could hope everyone enjoys and goes to the original artist and show them love

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So as I’m checking my various art sites I checked @fairycosmo site and she put some of the old drawings she had as sketches that I outlined and colored for her on her website and I couldn’t be any happier that’s never happened with anything I’ve done so thank you for that and hopefully there’s more I stumble across and that I can do for you in the future

@fairycosmo has some awsome sketches thats just asking to be outlined and colored like this one here i added the text and background to make it look like his room hope everyone likes it i think im almost figuring out how this tablet and software work

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@fairycosmo had another sketch that i thought needed to be brought to life with colors hope everyone enjoys and goes check out her stuff its amazing

just something quick i colored and outlined of @fairycosmo had so hope everyone likes it and dont forget to go to the original artist fairycosmo

another awesome sketch @fairycosmo had of lisa bottomless so i decided to bring it to life i went with a pool theme and give her sunglasses even though i prob messed up on it lol but be sure to follow the original artist like the previous one ill probably tackle this one again

this was another favorite sketch that @fairycosmo had that i decided to bring to lifeI tried something new with coloring the background but i might take another crack at this for different coloring styles hope everyone enjoys and dont forget to go follow the original artist

@fairycosmo has some amazing stuff on her site that people should check out like this gem of a sketch she had that i worked on last night backgrounds are still somewhat tricky for me but like i said im slowly learning. again I can't thank her enough for letting me do some of these

a little before and after pic i worked on that @fairycosmo had that i couldnt help but do because how awesome it was plus i loved these two hope everyone enjoys and like before go support the original artist .whiskers

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@fairycosmo had yet another sketch that i brought to life it ever had text on it so i kind of added different dialogue this one was fun to work on hope everyone likes it and dont forget go give the original artist the love i just outlined ond colored it

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