other awesome pic done by @fairycosmo that just needed an outline and color of a sketch they had in their sketches make sure to go follow the original artist for more great pics and characters I just do this stuff for the practice on my tablet

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@fairycosmo the face on this one was just to good to pass up on so i had to outline and color this one for you also lol. also i got kind of lazy on the other leg because i couldnt really figure out the proportions for it after trying so many times lol but hope everyone likes and follows the original artist @fairycosmo for more awesome stuff they come up with

more doodles that @fairycosmo has that i decided to try my luck by adding the fingers and toes hope everyone likes and follows the original artist for more awesome stuff

@fairycosmo has some great stuff that needed some love this is another one ive had sitting for a while so i decided to outline it and color it hope everyone likes it and goes follow the original artist

im finding out more and more on what pens to use with my tablet software thanks to @fairycosmo and the sketches i can work on and share hope everyone likes it and goes follow the original artist as for I am just outlining and coloring sketches for them for practice and have a safe and happy new year

just a quick color of another awesome pic @fairycosmo had hope everyone likes and goes follow the the original artist

something that the awesome @fairycosmo had rough sketched out so i decided to outline and color the best i could hope everyone enjoys it and go follow them i

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It makes me feel good when I see a lot of my posts get liked and shared I just hope everyone remembers to follow the original artists because all I really do is just outline and color just to get used to my tablet

I had a lot of fun with this one that @fairycosmo had a sketch of so of course i outlined it and colored it i was thinking about adding the text but at the end i didn't but I hope everyone likes it and follows the original artist of this sketch

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Commission I got from my friend for the beginning of spooky month

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My birthday commission from my friend one without the happy birthday on it

a quick doodle that @fairycosmo had as a sketch so i thought id throw an outline and color on it real quick

what @fairycosmo calls sketches i call learning opportunities using my tablet to outline and color for practice check out her page for all her awsome stuff and the background was just a pic i found to use lol. so now the next question is who's going to join her

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