nsfw marm Louise regrets her refund policy 

Louise to finish the night.

content warning 

i forgot the content warning on the last one

1) Noodle from Gorillaz (all it said)
2) Gertrude doing some prostituting(I Hate Fairyland
3) Louise selling her orifices and getting in over her head (Boburger)
4) Wolf involved with knots in some way. (Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts)
5) Amity and Luz learn why summoning tentacle monsters isn't a good idea. (Owl House)
6) Fink doing some routine quality assurance on robot penises still on the line. (OK KO)

MaRM 2020 #4
Requesting Miko from Glitch Techs being fucked by the tentacle monster from Season 2, Episode 4. It's about 14 minutes in on Netflix. Make sure to show off dat ASS! :>

That's all from this week's MaRM. See you next Monday.

living fuckdoll raven mindcontrol deepthroat uglybastard camera 

MaRM 2020 #3
Raven being forced to deepthroat Control Freak

tron bonne hulk haggar boob squeeze spitroast light choke 

MaRM 2020 #2
Tron Bonne being double teamed by both Hulk and Haggar

nsfw emira age diff implied fucking amity embarrassed 

saving the last 4 for their own post since it's alt heavy

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nsfw rape interspecies aliens impregnation 

Tera comm
Desiree has been abducted by aliens! Their purpose is to repopulate the earth by fucking human women and inseminating them with spunk extracted from males.

1) "LOLI" Zone-tan in a "hard, free" public use situation. (ZTV)
2) Pebbles fucking her pet named dino. This is a callback I think(Flintstones)
3) Dr. Mrs. The Monarch in guild attire with other guild members blowing loads on her. (Venture Bros)
4) Raven affected by Control Freak. Affected to blow him. (Teen Titans)
5) Miko being fucked by the tentacle monsters in one of the episodes. (Glitch Techs)
6) Tron Bonne double teamed by Hulk and Haggar (Marvel vs Capcom i guess)

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