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Lots of potential titles for this one.
Commissioned by BennyKing

To the people who upload my 10hrs to exhentai. I appreciate what you do, but could you put the preview images at the end instead? They're always the worst ones cause i do them in like 10 minutes before i start the clock πŸ˜…
Love you all.
P.S. Try it out.

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LISAMANIA XX is now moved to May 9. This is to give more time for artists to complete their submissions . Also more time to complete your submissions ! Stay safe everyone !

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I debated about posting this at all...
Commissioned by BigBlackCat, who is a very cool and understanding person.

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Never Forgotten - My Take Of Anne-Marie From "All Dogs Go To Heaven."

This piece took way longer due to me having Anatomy Issue. I try what I Could.

Also for a little request please don't comment on this image about Bestiality. I don't do those nor am I am interested in that.

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