10hr i forgot to post
there's a bunch
This one is Umi
Commissioner especially requested an old style preview image

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nsfw oral gokkun 

can't edit toots, the tags should be diff oh well!

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nsfw oral gokkun 

Racing Queen Tera!
This is the last of the 10hrs I failed to post on time. More coming later this month!

nsfw public use rape crime and punishment 

This one is BennyKing's OC Marley getting some comeuppance for petty crimes.

nsfw public use livestock fetish 

i have another backlog of 10hrs to post!
This one was for Pantboy and features Lillith from The Party (Pantboy and Clumzor's comic) as well as Mal's superhero character of the same name.
It also happens to all fit into one tidy post! The third image is Bambi from the same comic.

Spinelli request from MaRM that I missed :(
i made it too detailed to feel like rendering it tho...

nsfw marm Louise regrets her refund policy 

Louise to finish the night.

content warning 

i forgot the content warning on the last one

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