New toddlercon commission from Fanbox user Solar (previously Chimecho on Patreon)
Baby Dora lied down with a good ol dildo in her vagoo. Looks like she's interested in this new sensation.

Sketch reward for patron Chimecho. Thank you!

Hat girl and Ribbon girl up against the wall presumably having ran away from hungry assailants.

Patreon reward for a good friend.
Faputa exercising her right as daughter of the seventh layer by exploring her own abyss.

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Oh look, another new girl to lewd. This time, it's Lily the cute little tiger from a series called "Tee and Mo"

Artist is the very talented @Polygon5

Full color commission from Aussiecuno on IB

Anne getting a puss-full from good ol' one eyed Wally.

Characters from Amphibia

Some toddlercon drawings. Sketch reward, and full color commission for Chimecho on IB

Gwen from Total Dramarama and Staci from Boss Baby.

Old commission from spring 2019 from ShaneLaFleur on IB. Gumball having a tussle with the Loud Twins.

A sketch request made on a request weekend stream in spring 2019, from Pierce on Inkbunny.

From early 2019. Sketch commission for an anonymous user. Aryll from Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker.

Old pic from 2018. Was a random thing I drew on stream at the time. Eliot and his friend Kaytoo from the CN show Eliot kid, frotting.

Old pic from 2018. Was a sketch commission from an anonymous user on IB. A shota trainer peeing with his female Machoke in the nude. With a bit of cheeky business

Old pic from 2018. Was a free sketch reward from Patreon.
Lilo getting the D on the beach.

Old pic from 2018. Was a commission from KeikiKahuna on IB. A character from Animaniacs. This is a reference to a short where he's out of the shower with nothing but a towel concealing his nethers.

Old pic from 2018, was a commission from SirBrownBear on IB. Two of his OC's

Old pic from 2018.
Eliot from CN's Eliot Kid. This is a reference to one episode where he and his friend undo their trunks in a pool.

Welp, turns out I made a goof and posted these wrong. Gonna be reposting some things.

Sorry for this xD

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