bunch a sketches uwu. Some Turning Red, Playkids, and even a random Anais.

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A few of the rewards from last December! Thank you to Solar for the Jing Harris idea, Seededorange for the Junior and Lupi idea and anonymous for the Zoe and Murphy idea. Visit my Inkbunny to see the other rewards, and visit my Fanbox to see current months rewards!

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I don't have the patience to upload them all individually like I did on IB lol
Happy Xmas or whatever else you might do :)

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Colored Sketch for cbalbuena on IB. Finished a long time ago. Thank you!

Colored sketch for @8horns past Lisamania event. Finished a long time ago. Thank you!

Some of last months Fanbox rewards! Thanks to the pledgers!

1. Momo and Shoko getting it from Gengars
2. David getting back at Mara for trying to trick him
3. Mitzi spreading em
4. Murphy x Bunny

A few of last months rewards! First one for Snacksies, Sakamoto humping Hakase
Second one for anonymous, Zoe dominating Murphy
Third one for Ssaammeett, Drizzile using a Scorbunny's ears

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Updated my Fanbox page with these drawings. More to come in the future!
My Fanbox page is gonna become more important going forward. Rewards will be uploaded there a month before the public release for example. Come check it out!

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