little doodle i did of sam being mean to someone uwu enjoy

thing i drew for pink on stream today, pink turned out looking super fucking adorable for some reason lmao
made a better version of the circular logo part for pink to use as a pfp uwu

Human Ollie and Dakota after Ollie's track practice. they're such a cute couple, human or furry uwu

another human version of some da silva characters, this time the Sanchez twins. they look a lot more similar as humans than as furries

Little doodle of mattie getting woken up by a horny pink

first test i did with human da silva characters, i love how gordon came out owo

Please check inkbunny for the accompanying story written by Pink :3

Little 2 pic set of Pink and Mattie having some fun together :3 Aint they cute?

Pink in an experimental style i was trying out, might do some more of it later on. It's not super different from my own, but it's still fun to test these things out uwu

A little doodle i did of Jun eating some noodles and reaching enlightenment along the way :3 I'm working on a sketchy style that i can use to get some fast sketches done, let me know what you think of the next couple of pics!

Check inkbunny for a little blurb written by Pink uwu
This pic takes place when the 3 nerds are college aged and all living together

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