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A pic that started out simple and then I just kept adding tots to it.

Caption provided by Eula, who can be found here:

Updated my Little Sister of Battle with some expressions and a Slaanesh corrupted version.

Purge the heretic! Eradicate the enemies of mankind! Fight for the eternal glory of the God Emperor!

Little Sister of Battle has been on my mind for ages and I finally got around to drawing it. I think she turned out cute.

Did a bit of a study of Huffslove's work. Turned out alright.

Finally a commission in the hole. My pace for banging these out has been atrocious after my burnout earlier in the year. Slowly getting the pace back, but oof...

Still, this character design and sex encounter comm turned out fantastic so at least there's that!

A commission for the author Jayslab. He's written a lot of stuff. Being completely honest a lot of it is a bit too much for me, but the story this pic is based on was still a very entertaining read despite my personal distaste for cuckoldry.

Here's a link to the story on AO3:

I got my second vaccine dose today, so maybe that's what empowered me to do this :P

A sketch of my OC Kate with a really huge cock. Exciting stuff.

Rough sketch for a pair of clown girls. Should draw them up properly, but that'd take work :P

oh shit, just realized I've barely posted any of my recent work on here. I just dump them in the discord servers I'm in and forget about it. Let me correct that real quick. First up a magician loli design.

My belated side of an art trade with someone. He really likes pregnant Zero Two.

The cock training gal is back with another report of her daily activities.

Commission by another writer person. This time to illustrate the main character of his new story "The girl who seduced the world". Check it out!

A warmup doodle with some extra work put in to make it into gift art.

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