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I just added a second 'chapter' to my story Compound 69, containing art done by the incredible @Plebbles! Check it out:

got paid a couple bucks to make another version of the goat girl so I'm posting them both here with my signature in case people decide to repost them somewhere. More artists should sign their art clearly. Makes sourcing a lot easier.

goat girl doodle because there was chatting about goats on discord recently.

a sunday night sketch to hopefully shake the last of the art block funk off

I keep thinking of Eri as a unicorn, so obviously she ought to have a huge horsecock.

More nighttime doodling based on that nerd. I like her. Might make something of her. Also a friend or romantic interest for her. She's rude and a bit cold, but deep down she probably cares.

Frequent client YCH'd the pic for a modest sum, so here's the result of that

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Couldn't sleep so I drew some cock growth stuff to soothe my brain

Don't let your kids listen to erotic hypno-music

results may be unpredictable

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New Fic Release: loli, futa, infantophilia, recursive pregnancy, art trade 

New fic out! An art trade with the inimitable @Plebbles. Check out his incredible artwork, and check out the story I wrote for him, featuring a hung futa loli knocking up her mother - and her unborn daughter:

Another comm. This one is based on a story, which I'll post as soon as the client gets around to posting it somewhere.

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