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Another commission done.

Check my pinned post for commission info.

friend convinced me to let them commission an animation from me. Turned out alright.

I want to make a game, but everytime I end up making something I stop partway through, usually because I realize I have to do a bunch of writing and I have very little confidence in my ability to produce prose.

Anyone who follows me know any writers who would want to collab on some kind of project? Programming skills a plus but not necessary.

Just hit me up with a dm here or an email to tiny.plebbles (a)

Someone adopted the cocky tot design, so I sketched up this little reference image series for them.

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was a spontaneous event, meant as a surprise for @satori to show that people appreciate his efforts to set up and keep this place running so it was difficult to make everyone who would've had interest participate so please don't feel left out
you already using this platform shows that it matters to keep the lights on further
feel free to still partake as the date was just a guide line but just being here and making this place worthwhile and interesting makes you part of the community

I too am part of the movement. Thanks, @satori, for running a pretty cool website ๐Ÿ‘

Quickie sketch comm for a pal who wanted to see their tiny OC get some loving attention from her werewolf dad.

Don't worry, she's an elf so she's definitely old enough to drink and smoke.


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