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Sweet Dreams are Made of Screams 😱β™₯️

If you want some sweet dreams too, here are the places to rest your eyes 😳

🀩Full Gallery:

This comm was from anon sweetheart on Discord to another for their foxy fursona. The gift was so that they could plan out their foxy avatar w/o pressure or expectations

broke my heart a wee bit, mega sweetie Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes

Sweet Dreams x

I now have a NewGrounds and FurAffinity accounts :)

There's only one pic up on each so far, but i'll start to include these in the regular uploads cycle 🀩

Thanks for the suggestions sweeties xx

Drunken Night

A chibi commission of a drunken emotional, but ultimately wholesome night :)


A commission for a chibi warrior with a giant spear and ready to use it on u!

he also has a weapon made out of a mammoth horn in case he gets into a fight

Sacrifice to the Beast

She was the only survivor of the crash
She thought she was lucky, until they decided that her crashing from the skies made her the best person to sacrifice to the Beast

Sweet Dreams x

Relief at Last

Citali was struggling for weeks begging for relief from her denial
Her wish was granted altho she might be begging for a different relief now...

written by Sky, from my Discord :)

Sweet Dreams, Citali x


I was blazed and taking a hot minute off work and I saw an optical illusion and immediately went I COULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT BUT WITH BOOBS and this is the result.

I thought it was cute anyway :P

Sweet Dreams x

well it finally happened they gots me πŸ˜‚
so ive been kind of pushing onto other platforms a bit instead, to become less reliant on DA even tho they gave me my start in this life, so i can appreciate that i guess

but idk now, i suppose i can open another account on a different platform and start posting there instead...but idk where. Anyone know any good platforms that accept extreme nsfw content other than pixiv?

Forgot My Face

This pic was inspired by someone who posted on tumblr or twitter or something telling basically this story and I thought it was cute, and could do with some art :3

Sweet Dreams x

a public post explaining wtf am i going to do now

im just finishing my notice and then imma be joblesss and full on the freelance

will this be a dream come to life at last or just time for pixel panic n screams


I'm practicing chibis these days, and had a commission for a friend's avatar from a game!

I'm having fun w/ the lil cuties, what do u think? :)

This is a prize for one of the three Twitter raffle winners,
! Star-struckPartying face

Sweet Dreams x

Naughty Self-Tentacling ChiBabe

This is a prize for one of the three raffle winners,

writing challenge on my discord server the popular vote winner MM wrote a creepy story about a mega suspish shopkeeper of weird artefacts

i drew a lil chibi as the prize, and his story since it's set in Samhein is here :)

I'll Wait Until U Stop
Illustration - Commission

The two elves licked each other furiously, knowing that as long as they gave a show, nothing else would happen

Sweet Dreams x


This subscriber Guro exclusive pic has Kota, the Barbed Fox Baroness, realising that she likes the stylish and cool blue hair of a local villager, and deciding that she's going to take the girl off of the hair to have it for herself.

This pic is available to to $5-10+ subscribers along with loads of other pics, sets, and scenarios of all different types of content πŸ™‚

Classroom Calamity parts 9-12 (fatality!)

The Detention-Tier Deathmatch reaches a brutal conclusion w/ the Straight-A Cheerfucker using the magic of friendship to protect her 4.0...and her life!

Read the full 12 page comic here:

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