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Sweet Dreams are Made of Screams 😱♥️

If you want some sweet dreams too, here are the places to rest your eyes 😳

🤩Full Gallery:

Lucy's Leash

Lucy Lips is being helpfully shown all manner of uses for her huge variety of new piercings...

Sweet Dreams, Lucy x

Rebecca's Show

Rebecca has been given two new girls and new instructions

She doesn't think she's going to resist, even in front of the crying redhead sisters who have no idea what's in store for them...

Sweet Dreams, girls x

Pink Fizz

This pic is a Subscriber Reward (Upgraded)! Wouldn't you love some sweet dreams to scream to? :D

What better way to keep fresh and fizzy in the summer heat?

Sweet Dreams x

Silence in the Barn

They heard the suspish noises in the barn, they knew it would be a bad idea, but had to investigate anyway...

Once they were inside, it suddenly became silent.

Sweet Dreams, girls x

Screams Cost Extra
$5+ Early Access

For one hour a night, if you can find the Midnight Merchant, she can provide you with any object or service you could ask of her. But if you want her to scream, it's going to cost extra...

Ashley Tray

She could never have imagined her name would get used in a torturous pun against her...!

I feel like it's time to start leaning into extreme/guro art again. I do like trying to balance the mix of content evenly, but feedback isn't really coming in evenly for it sooooo maybe time to push harder on Starlight and the new Barbed Fox setting Face screaming in fearUpside-down face

Love to Death

Subscribers got early access to this commission!

Love, death has not done you part.

Sweet Dreams x

The Veiled Wraiths

Across the field where corpses lay,
Gaunt and hollow, they rot and decay,
The reaper’s gaze reach not within,
Domain of the Veiled, do not come in.

Also, a short story written by Wolvun about the Veiled Wraiths:

This is an (upgraded) subscriber reward!

A drawing of a photoshoot of a girl getting her picture taken inside a portrait :3

Sweet Dreams x

Yuri Love Story!

Powerpuff Plushie’s noinput eroguro pornonoise album about that intense fetish that slowly becomes overwhelming that you lose sight of whether you're enjoying it anymore...


Pink Fizz
$1+ Early Access - (Upgraded) Subscriber Reward
SFW - Pinup - Summer Vibes

What better way to keep fresh and fizzy in the summer heat?

This picture is our April flat calendar pic now, we be livin the busy lyfe this past month, Octoplush gets it! 🤓😎🥲

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My profile pic hasnae changed in a while, a felt it was aboot bloody time, so have some pixel jail self-portrait time bitches 😱

I recently got an adorbs new reversible octopus plushie who's now the flat mascot: Octoplush Traveller, DO U LOVE HER?! (photo in comments) 😍

Naughty lil Princess

Cosplay conventions are the perfect chance for Alicia to explore costumes, shows, and her exhibitionist nature!

Public Shaming

The Year of the Rat, Heidi, is the subject of some very public buzzing, zapping, and vibrating shaming. The Year of the Cow, Bella, has been instructed to keep Heidi feeling very, very apologetic for everything that's happened

Shield Maiden's Greatest Failure

The Shield-Maiden was trapped and helpless, forced to watch as her Queen and ward was violated in more and more brutal ways, highlighting her complete failure to protect!

Sweet Dreams x

Remember November

Remember her. Don't you remember her?
Aye you do. You remember how much you care.
What you would do for her.
Anything for her.

( OC of

Lake Creatures

She knew the lake was danger, but she couldn't have ever guessed just what sordid, sharp, and slimy things the creatures of the lake might want to do with her...

Based off of a short animation, Creature from the Lake, by ISART DIGITAL

Do U Like My Hair?!

I just dyed my hair a fantastic platinum blonde and have been waiting to show it off! Do you love it?

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