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Sweet Dreams are Made of Screams 😱♥️

If you want some sweet dreams too, here are the places to rest your eyes 😳

🤩Full Gallery:

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I now have a
account as well! Star-struckStar-struck

I will continue running this alongside Patreon for as long as they let me stay, and the tiers/rewards will be identical.

I encourage you to check it out for previews, early access, exclusive content, discounts etc... Smiling face with haloSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes

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Naughty Comms🥳

I'm open to a wide range of different stuff and do what I can to make sure you get the art you want! 😇

You can contact me here, on DeviantArt, Discord or Pixiv 😘

Also, Patrons get special discounts 🤩

Subscribers ($1+) got early access to this commission almost two months early! What might you see now that won't be out for that long? :O

Rebecca has had plenty of time to think, in the electro torture room, alone in the dark. Now, she has a new friend in the light.

Sweet Dreams, Rebecca x
Discord Invite:

November Dungeon Treasure: Rave Stars!
softcore - uv - miniskirts - fun

Summer and Winter Rave rock it on the UV dance floor!

$5+ Subscribers get access to exclusive content like this!

Alicia is having fun knowing is causing ppl around the world to suffer thru their desires but she loves the attention and tease, and loves to know that they're suffering for her

Will you deserve a reward?

One Loud Cheer
Subscriber ($1+) Early Access - Lifetime Reward Sketch
Cheerleader - Horse - Electric

Three Treats, One Trick

Subscribers got early access to this commission!

Resha is the only one who can reach the device, but can't save everyone. Will she be brave enough to defy her dommes?

Rebecca's Thinking Time 😱😭

She's been given a night of -this- as incentive to obey her new instructions tomorrow. She doesn't know what those instructions are tho, but they're going to be hard...

Her Trial Finale (17)
($1+) Subscriber Early Access - Commission Illustration
Piercings - Girl/Girl - Forced Performance

Dakota in the Skye with Diamonds

Playing with paintover techniques, trying to see what I can do to add colours (and cocks!) onto existing pics :3

Ref from Dakota Skye

This commission was done in line with the Kinktober themes, and is part of the Misadventures of a Soldier series :)

For more Kinktober submissions, check out the Kinktober 2020 group, for a huge variety of illustrations and stories!

Twisted Family

A tribute illustration to dirty. little. girl. from the @HorrorPornCom video! 😱😳

A gnoll witch who comes to Samhein to trade for elves to torture! Can she hold her breath long enough, or drink fast enough to get some air?

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Sweet Dreams are Made of Screams 😱♥️

If you want some sweet dreams too, here are the places to rest your eyes 😳

🤩Full Gallery:

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