I saw this cute outfit on the web the other day and then this became a warm up sketch for me.

also time-lapse on the substar.

Hey what's this weird thing in the little girl's room let's seeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

"Heh, told you I was a girl. You lost the bet.
You must be feeling real dumb now."

Day 23 - Tomboy

The Bet pg. 22 and 23. This is the end of chapter 1. I'll come back to it later, but there's another long term comic I'd like to start first.

N° 22
She's waiting.

What are you waiting for?

A closed letter invitation?

Go fuck her right the fuck now you ungrateful imbecile.

22: Toys

Reggie acquires some adult toys. Find out how in the comments below

Quick ass doodles 

Decided to something quick for these fucks

I mean, gotta treat my hyperfixations somehow lol

Is 9 old enough to marry? Binky seems to think so, and she's ready for the honeymoon in the following limo ride.

This one was fun to experiment with. Not sure I like the final results, but it was a joy to try. I should practice lace later on.

N° 21
Wedding sex is the most consensual one (citation needed), that's why you can GO HAM ON DAT PUSSY BOEI. HOLY SHIT SHE'S GONNA BE ABSOLUTELY AND UTTERLY FUCKING DESTROYED. :YES:

(Please do not repost w/o permission)
My friends have officially dubbed these two as “The Girls™️“ and I have a folder dedicated purely to them now :blobsmilehappyeyes: I’ve done over 60 pieces of Reggie & BW dear god
Anyways, have some Reggie’s through the ages.

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