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I have made a new commission sheet so its easier to understand whats up, commission me now or else πŸ”«

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I been requested to open up a patreon so I thought why not, most of my content still be free, its just an option to support me, however, I still gonna me some occasional patreon exclusives, to have more incentive to join

I will try my best to do daily art for but probably wont be uploading them here cus probably no one cares about that stuff here but if you want to see them, they will be on pixiv and twitter

Thought I should make a fanart of my childhood game that I still play to this day might make more for other classes

hi, im probably forgotten already cus been on hiatus for a while but trying to finish some commissions now :D

man, remember like the first year of doing art, the times I enjoyed just making art and being happy with any outcome. Now its just misery, I might have improved like 10times but want 10times the recognition too which ruins everything 😩

hope you like my jacko pose contribution, think its my best work yet 😎

lets get out of comfort zone with the next piece! I notice I keep drawing with a straight on angle so I will try to switch it up a bit also wow not the same waifu pool?

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