Teacher characters? I have a movie in mind for a female teacher character but 90% of the characters that come to my mind look +60 years old... Its a trope I suppose, cartoons always want the old, grumpy teacher which all kids are afraid of... Cant remember any sexy teacher

Courtney in the Woods extension, scene 1

I finally gonna add a few more scenes to some old fan favourites movies after so many years, Courtney is the first

Original movie > sta.sh/01lzmj3xlej1

More stuff on > twitter.com/pedroillusions

Danny x Girls, version with selectable scenes > sta.sh/01gsq1kvedw8

More stuff on > twitter.com/pedroillusions

Well I just find another animation that isnt on my blog, now all my previous made animations should be already on my blog pedroillusions.blogspot.com unless I find something else in the future...

Which other movie could be great

1-Rita Loud need money, become a prostitute, goes wrong, end raped
2-Jake want a second round, now as a Dragon and cant control itself, rape Susan
3-Dawn is captured in the woods, to being rape, turn her a sex slave
4-Vanessa goes to talking zebra dimension where end raped by all

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