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Adam's new neighbor could sense his desperate little 6th grade queer kid energy.


Devon here got deep in a cuck hole (thanks pornhub!) and ended up falling in hard enough to realize his bf should be getting it from way bigger guys.
His 13th birthday came and he only had one thing he wanted.
Now he's sitting on the bed watching his bf get ready to get wrecked.
Even organized it himself! What a gentleman!

Careful what ya watch, boys

We wanna try and be more active so we might be some posting more things from pixiv
Like these Bindi pics😋

Plus-sized women are beautiful and sexy and deserve to be shown off more in porn. And not to just fetishize their weight, but to show off their natural beauty.

I didn't notice the imagery in the tattoos because I had boosted it before giving it a proper look. I will not make that mistake again. It's becoming so much harder these days with the rise of Fascism to avoid them. They think they can come out of the woodwork now just because Orange Man is president. Be vigilant of the art/porn you consume.

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Accidentally retooted something from a Nazi. I unboosted it and blocked them. Sincerely sorry for anyone who had to see it.

A commission by @hua113

Another simple, yet very effective piece for all my fans of the younger ones out there.

Lil' boy, lil' peen, and a tight lil' butt, what else do you need? With a catboy this small and cute, you really oughta bring a friend. After all, he deserves a little drink of milk for being a good boy and letting you take that perfect rump :3 Although, I'm sure he wouldn't mind a second helping of your milk after the fact.

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