Imagine a semi nude, flustered and slightly panicked Peedee in front of the frystand being swarmed by tiny centipeedles. Crawling over his face, in his hair, out of his mouth, over his chest, around his exposed cock, in and out of his ass, up and down his arms and legs, and over his bare feets. Steven just takes pics on his phone, nose bleeding and sporting a stiffy through his jeans.

The Steven Universe movie is, without a doubt, the best animated movie of the 2010's. And it will forever solidify SU as THE DEFINING cartoon of the 2010's. You literally cannot change my mind on this.

Floor plan mock up for the boy's dorm building, first floor. Each floor houses a separate grade level, and the top floor houses male staff. There is a girl's dorm too. Students are housed two to a room where as staff get their own rooms. Also included is a link to a Google Doc that I will continue to use in compiling the student body. It's a pretty big campus.

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