These boys got invited to one of Lars' epic "adult" parties, but under one condition. They had to be the entertainment for the night~ Let's just say these two party hard. :blobamused:

@Paraportobello Damn that's hot!! :blobsweat: Love all the details, the body writing, and that lewd glow in the dark variants. Steven takes off his shirt and makes anyplace a red (or pink) light district. :blobdrool:

@Paraportobello I love the body writing and everything, but I think one of my favorite details is them somewhat holding hands, it's really cute

@Paraportobello such lovely expressions. Those tally marks tell us how popular these 2 were for entertainment so they might vet booked again for next year. Or even for a Christmas party

@Paraportobello have to say, I'm a little surprised to see Steven here. That being said, Jesus fuck this is hot. 🥵🥵🥵 And the production value on this is insane. And as someone who into Ronaldo x Lars, it's very satisfying to see them sharing a pair of boys together 😩👌.

Can't forget the very nice bonus of them all having pubes 🤤😋


Loving your improvements throughout the years ❤️🥵

@Bortbort1 Thanks! It's been a bumpy journey. And despite all of the pain I went through, still glad I got to grow. 😅

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