the cards w leviathan and beelzebub together are horny. you expect me to control myself????

Some good ole' after-sex cuddle, and cool-down.

I might refine this further, but this is good enough for now.

Monster scout Rissy in peril once again...! This time she came across the nasty Nymphomanaconda!

somehow painting helped clear my mind a bit tonight, i dont know how cause i normally hate painting

and before i know it its 6AM and i've been just..sitting in my chair doing literally nothing for like 3 hours, just staring around my room in thought

what is happening and why do i get like this sometimes

i hate this

TP Zelda teaching Ultimate Zelda how to "smash" 😏

Did someone say one more post? No? No one? Too bad!

Here's some beautiful guest art of Star, Raven and Jinx by the talented Panties, who's art can be found on Baraag @ KisekiTemiro!

To see the nude version of the pic, consider supporting us on Patreon!

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