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Hello! I've decided to take some commissions to kick my ass into gear. DM if interested :kannaBlob:

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My commissions are open!
All of my commissions are fully rendered, so no sketches or flat colors. Sorry. I'll provide additional info underneath this post. So please send me a message if you have any more questions. And thank you for your support so far in Baraag :blobnom:

Ramlethal's theme is such a banger in Strive. TAN SUPREMACY


M200 Girls Frontline pt.2

this is the last one, consider supporting my drawings at:



[R-18]露出オナニーに目覚めるパワード・バターカップ | 2=8 #ニジエ

was trying to finish that xinyan from a while back but bleh, also practice i guess

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