Been fiddling with the 3DS Zelda character models. Finished up Links nude version, here's him next to the Malon model.

Colors weirdly exported a tad off but I don't wanna repost it again. The gif in the ibb link has the correct colors. Looks more yellow'd in the current preview.

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Simple Bindi FJ animation for the first post of the year. (repost, added shadows underneath)

algunos dibujos mΓ‘s, de algunos ocΒ΄s que me gustan, de algunos artistas que me gustan...

creo que ni siquiera hace falta nombrar quienes son

Dibujo pijo de los dos oc's de los dos artistas que mΓ‘s amo de esta plataforma...

Done other bug characters before but never to this extent. She surprisingly does something for me haha

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