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Drew up a new OC and been sketchin some pieces of her over the couple of months on my fanbox.

Her name is Tanya and she's a happy go luck lil girl.


Commission of Lucas from Célestin taking himself a nice shower~

Commission of Nate (Storks) and Sherman (Mr. Peabody & Sherman). Nate getting a Sherman shoejob!

Commission of Hilda and her mom, who's getting a tad thorough with the lotion~

Commissions will be closed for a little bit. Gonna open back up once the current batch I've accepted have been completed. Around 2 weeks, from the time of this post, that they'll be back up.

Page 14 of "Small, Tight Spaces" is released!

Was Rory more surprised by Emma enjoying his cum, or because she calls his cum white jelly?

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Her lanky sleeves reminded me of Milkchan so here's a goofy sketch of her.

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Decided to lewd one of the new brawlers announced today. Stunt sister Bonnie having a wardrobe malfunction after a stunt~

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