100 follower!!! Thanks! That was really fast πŸ˜†

But If I get 200 followers by the end of next week I will release my inkgirl model for download! πŸ˜‹

I'm counting on you!

This was is from a commission I did time ago.
Support me at patreon.com/dfer_art

πŸŽ€πŸ‘ Oh look, a new mod! 

Thought the design was cute. It's Susanita watching her mouse friend play the piano in the nude~

From this youtube vid:

this one took really long and I had to redraw it many times, still not too happy with the results now but I think it's been long enough. I think it was worth it tho coz now I know how to do things better and get results faster thanks to this one, some may say I may be too hard on myself and that this is good enough but I think I can do better u.U

so I'll keep trying :blobcatmelt:

client hasn't replied yet I hope he likes it at least u.u

Opening up commissions! I'm only taking 5 slots at a time, first come first serve. My pricing info has changed recently- check them out here: listography.com/milkcomms

Vanellope, been in a mood to improve on my color theory, so here's my first practice piece.

Full res here: imgur.com/a/PcBBi5L

Pelusin and Tete having some fun on the beach with lil Colitas~ From the show Cleo & Cuquin.

Cum version here:

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