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Ok that's it. This account is PURELY for fantasy content. I use age related topics because of the taboo and dynamics of them, but they are ONLY ok to do in a fictional setting.
If you:
are a MAP
Discuss wanting to view cp
boost photos of real children
Or do ANYTHING that shows that you are not also treating this as a purely fantasy fetish,
Then LEAVE! Do not follow. Do not boost. Do not favorite. I often look at the accounts of people who interact with my account, and am sick of seeing this.

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I should say that I do not plan on ever monetizing my smut stories on Ao3 (check them out if you haven't btw) in any way.
I just do it for fun, and it would feel awkward to have money be involved.
But on the flipside, if you want to shoot me a story request please do, and if I like it (which I'm not too picky) I'll write it for free, but at my own pace.

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I should mention that if anyone wants to do any fanart/fanfic of my Ao3 stories, I fully give consent to do so and encourage you to do so.

Fantasy, loli 

Want me a literal baby with massive baps. Some real mommy milkers straight out the mommy.

Fantasy, loli 

I work as the assistant to a detective. He's very hands on so we travel all over for his investigations. He likes to think he's like Sherlock Holmes, but he's been investigating a serial pedophile for over a week now, and he still hasn't noticed that every day I come into work with a different gagged loli strapped to my chest under my trench coat, breeding them all day.

Fantasy, loli, incest 

My little sister just started playing her first ever pokemon game. She was so excited to show me she caught a Rhydon, but under my breath I whispered "Rhydon this dick" as a joke. I know it's maybe not the most appropriate joke to say infront of suck a young child but hey, I didn't even think she would hear me.

And I certainly didn't think she would do it, but yet, here we are.

Fantasy, incest 

Mommy kink is out of control, need to breed a mommy fast

Fantasy, shota, incest 

People wonder why I've kept my mom pregnant since I was 12, but like, her tits just keep getting bigger. Why would I not with results like that?

Fantasy, incest 

Inbreeding makes babies who grow up to have bigger dicks and plumper tits.

Fantasy, incest 

The trend is sweeping the nation. All over daughters, sisters, mothers, cousins, aunts, and even grandmothers and granddaughters are posting videos of their relatives' semen leaking from their fertile holes. This is always followed by follow up pictures of them showing off their inbred baby bumps.

If a girl tells me she's "on the pill" she better mean fertility supplements, or I'm not interested.

Fantasy, loli, incest 

The age of first ovulation is at a pretty good time to where you can use your daughter to breed her replacement fuckhole before she's past her prime

Fantasy, loli 

You arrive at my place and you see a little girl. You didn't know I was a father so you ask "who's the mother?" I look at you and say "She is!" And pull up her shirt, revealing her baby bump.

If your # of children isn't quadruple digits wtf are you even doing

There is nothing more panic inducing that replying to something on here and something on a non-lewd social at the same time, than having your brain second guess if you accidentally sent loli hentai and incest porn to your normal group chat.
Luckily that has yet to happen, but the little moment of panic when your brain goes "are you sure?" Is heart attack fuel.

Fantasy, loli, shota, incest 

F for all the little girls who can't fully explore their daddy kink because their father is also a child

Fantasy, incest, shota 

Every little boy has a mommy kink. It's just that only a few of them get the pleasure of having their balls milked before they go to elementary school every day.

I should make clear that while most of the things I post about I think are bad IRL (like loli, incest, and even breeding somewhat) I can not express enough how much that does not apply to anything I say about cum. If ever talk about how I wish cumshots could fill a bathtub or anything of that nature, I want you all to know that is 100% genuine. I actually want to try to do the milk gallon challenge but with cum. The only reason it's fantasy is because it's impossible.

To each and every one of my followers, I hope you have a pleasant pregnancy while carrying my children.

Fantasy, incest 

You came all over your mother's face? What the fuck is wrong with you?

You could have shot that load in her fertile pussy! Why the fuck did you waste it?

Fantasy, incest 

No, you didn't "Fuck your step sister" you "bred your blood related sister" like a man

Flushing birth control pills down the toilet is honestly one of the hotest things imaginable.

So now that I'm done with the chapter I was writing, what would y'all wanna see next from my writing (Check my Ao3 if you don't know the first 2)
(I couldn't put it in the option, but the last choice would be a semi realistic setting and would have a great title I won't give away yet)

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