I'm curious, if I reply to someone, do you guys see my reply in your timeline? If so, sorry for the annoyance, imma shut up now.

Anyway, on better news, robotics is slowly but surely reaching waifu levels. Meaning we're slowly getting closer to world peace! πŸ˜€ πŸ‘

Ok one final rant.

This is how I see it.
U can't work unless you get vaxed, which only lasts a few months, so u then need to get a booster shot to continue to work, then the virus mutates, and now you need different vaxs and boosters to be able to work...
Pharma comps provide the vax, and politicians force you to take it. All on your tax dollars.

All of this for a virus with a 99% survival rate... what makes me mad is people don't want to question that, they don't want to question anything!

Sorry about the political post, just had to get it out of my system -_-

Afterall, more government power = more censorship = less hentai. I don't wanna live in that world lol

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Where I live the government has forced employers to force the vax on their employees, and now, it's denying travel unless you get "fully" vaxed... What are pple supposed to do, spread their asscheeks to the fuhrer or fall over and die?

It's really frustrating how people still think this shit is about the vax and people's "safety". Human rights be damned as long as your political god is in power right? Are westerners this gullible?

The gulag doesn't discriminate my amigos.

end of rant 😞

heyo, haven't been feelin too well lately but I'm still drawing a bit here and there, thankfully i'm getting better, slowly but surely

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@Okymir The fluttering you see here isn't related to the pixel brush issue I mentioned. That's actually related to the filtering used. Krita switches to nearest at I think 2x zoom, whereas Clip Studio uses linear filtering all the way down.

Neither approach is good, as anti-aliased point multiplication -> linear supersample provides the best image quality.

The issues I mentioned are related to the pixel brush not smoothing it's multistamping and doing weird things with size changes.

It seems krita has pixel issues, pointed out by @jellymouse. There didn't seem to be any info on it or how to fix it. I tested it on other versions 4.4.5 - 5 beta. All of them have the same issue.


How to have a private phone.

Step 1: Buy a brick...

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If I were to make a nsfw game, who would you rather have as the playable character?

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