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When it comes to my art getting traced, reposted (credit or not), edited or altered I really do not care. I don't have the energy to fight people over it. However there are some exceptions like reposting an artwork I did on baraag on to other platforms, using my artwork for NFTs, using any of my content for ill will. Other than that I really don't care and take it as flattery

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A lovely girl at the countryside with a lovely green dress, and a little green friend. They match colors!
I think I'll do some more country girls chilling in nature and cottages in the future, hope you don't mind. 🌻

it feels so good to get to the line art in a commisson

Look at bio for comm, reqs, trades status.

NSFW and SFW works are both accepted.

Will do:
fictional paraphilias

Won't do:
3D realism.

Cc request wip
I'll try to finish any requests I missed and possibly redraw some that I feel I can do better

:sad_cat: Or horny art of characters I like. Most of them are underrated.

I'm taking a main social media break but I'll be posting here and pixiv more from time to time

Agent8 (Splatoon)

If you want support me for moar Pics like this and more exclusive content (wink wink)

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