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Now available for all: Battleborn's Shayne, as requested by Glucifer.
Full resolution available for patrons only

A little animation I did for a trade with @Noill Poor squid is trying his best ๐Ÿ’ฆ

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We reached our funding goal for PEEPOODO SEASON 2 on KICKSTARTER !
We'll be able to produce 5 episodes (half season).
From now on, each new 50.000 euros means another episode !
Let's see how far we can go in the 10 remaining days !

Day 120: Gravity Falls + Captured 

Oca and Erisie wish all of our followers a happy 2020.
We hope this coming decade is as good as the one the rat had.


Royal service 


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We just got this lovely picture from the Doctor's spaceship, saying "Santa doesn't go in outer space but we found a way to celebrate! Because Christmas is all about giving after all "
#Peepoodo #Kickstarter #Season2 #MerryXmas

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