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Oops! Forgot to mark the picture as "sensitive"

Picture commissioned by SilverFox442, Vigilโ€™s original creator.



I'm doing a flashback. We'll uploading our old pictures until the most recent ones. To start with, this is the first picture I ever signed as "OCA" back on 2015, with which I started this project, encouraged by Erisie.

Gift for Koi. His lovely character Linnea

Send a private message with all the hidden elements you can find in the comic strip ( and win a Combo #1.
Valid until December 13.


Despite a lot of misinformation out there about being unsupervised and lawless in moderation as an instance, it cannot be further from the truth.

As admin I actively moderate to make sure that local users follow the ToS for this community to remain legal, and I try my best to encourage a friendly environment for artists to share their works.

But with so many users joining lately, it has become increasingly difficult for me to moderate alone.

I just became a patron for @satori to help him keep Baraag going! Please consider also becoming a patron to help him pay for the server and keep this place thriving for a long time to come.
only $4/month away from breaking even on server costs even with all the tumblr migration people!!

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