@Monosex won a brand new combo 1 commission for free! Thanks to everyone who participated on this contest: remember to check out if we make another flash contest.

All slots taken! Thanks for your support!

Thanks to all our fans and followers for a great 2018. Our best wishes to everyone for this coming year.

Retro-OCA 2015
Early on Steven Universe's season 2.

Holly Jones (The Menace from Earth)
Commissioned by Anonymous.

Picture commissioned by SilverFox442, Vigil’s original creator.

I'm doing a flashback. We'll uploading our old pictures until the most recent ones. To start with, this is the first picture I ever signed as "OCA" back on 2015, with which I started this project, encouraged by Erisie.

Jamie Hewlett must be one of my favorite artists, so when his first artbook came to market, I didn't hesitate to purchase it. I first saw his work on Gorillaz's Tomorrow Comes Today music video.

This is a large, heavy book, and has been very useful to learn from his technique.

Meg Julep (Clarence)
Commissioned by Anonymous.

Latest arrival: Kim Jung Gi's Omphalos. It's a magnificent book; been waiting to buy one for quite a while.

Keep in mind that I'm not wealthy, or any of that sort. I've been able to purchase some artbooks after saving some money from the commission runs.

Cynthia Noles (Clarence)
Commissioned by Anonymous.

With or without a blog on Tumblr, we're holding strong. Schedule for our December posts. You can find us on Twitter, Pixiv and Mastodon!

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