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I love drawing small characters, they're so fun to lewd. Their tiny holes being penetrated just gives me joy.

A piece from my femslash february series. I like to think Ivy would make Bridgit salves for her burns, it looks like this time she got a bit more intimate though~

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Contrary to popular belief, I am not a pedophile

I just have fun lewding young cartoon boys and girls.

Please note that I DO NOT condone any sexual acts with minors in real life and I WILL block and report you if you support real CSE

I won’t lie I accidentally snapped the tip off my stylus while working on this :’)

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Remember that all the art and bits of writing I post are fictitious and intended for private use and fantasy only.

If you have problematic urges IRL, do NOT act on them. Seek professional help.

Super Sons honestly made Jon TOO pretty and I need to draw at least one porn piece of him now

I’m at a family event and I’ve just been staring out the window spacing out
And I know I must look really asocial
But I’m honestly just thinking about shotas

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“I bet she’s thinking about other girls”
Me, staring out the window: God I love shotas

I actually had more holiday pieces in mind but by the time Christmas came I was so low on energy I only managed this lol
So enjoy some trans Butch with some hinted at butch x fish that I did for a friend! ❤️

Every day of my life I’m like “man I don’t draw 514a enough” but that’s literally the only character I draw
Emotional support side character the writers trashed and forgot about

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Been in a catboy mood lately(and bonus doggirl herm).
It also just all around feels good to draw on actual paper again~

CW; anti mention 

Like what’s next? Y’all gonna start telling people I’m a furry and a lesbian too?? We’re just stating the obvious now???

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CW; anti mention 

Absolutely losing my shit cause someone sent an ask to one of my tumblrs mutuals talking about how I’m pro ship and into all this weird shit like

Baby I pinned all my tags to the top of my blog, did they really think this person I’ve known for a little under a year who regularly interacts with me wouldnt know that???? Rip to antis but some people have reading comprehension

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Dani's rambling again pls help 

Hey! Whoever you are reading this post!

Draw/Write whatever you want and have a fan-fucking-tastic day, you amazing person, you're cool asf :blobmelt:

Never let people try and stop you and your work! Even if you're just starting out, or a long time artist/writer, you deserve to put your work out there without hateful people coming in and being nasty :blobheartcat:

The sure sign of my exhaustion is I forgot to tag that last upload and didn’t even notice until like an hour later

Huge commissions with full backgrounds honestly take me months to do but I really like how they come out in the end

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A commission from a few months ago that honestly took me ages to finish lol
But I'm really happy with how it came out!! ❤️ ❤️

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It’s 3am and I can’t sleep and anyway I think someone should chew on Bruce Wayne like a dog toy

This is specifically about Gotham TV show Bruce Wayne who looks like the human embodiment of a baby animal but it can apply to really any variation of Bruce you think should be chewed on for fun

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