Nice trending ''EU vs Abuse'' thing, but this is what it's really all about.

GG tho EU, using ''kids'' once again as an excuse for your dystopian bullshit agenda.

Big think. :steven_pun: Wouldn't be the first time the feds pulled off BS like this in the past 100 years.

Can someone throw me some recent-ish live-action shows/series with cute girls in it? Like Lazytown or the Nick shows but... like more recent I'm talking currently still running with new episodes or new shows in general? Looking for things to draw.

I am going thru an artistic metamorphosis right now, bear with me, please.

You get four years for AwDW in California, now imagine the pigs confiscating that idiot's hard drugs stuff and computers full of questionable material.

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I just checked some info and think I reached a milestone... I am truly humbled. Never did I think I could reach people with my stupid illustrations let alone 2600 people on Pixiv and nearly 750 on Baraag. So, many thanks to you all, including the haters (you're free clout), I will do a special image for this occasion soon!

Not sure if I can survive No N-Word November, guys... :sweats_hijab:

When (if) I ever become ''big'' I hope I won't get as hypersensitive as some of them out there, must be a type of egocentric syndrome lol :zoidberg:

DID I MENTION I AM LATE? Also wow I have not drawn Rowan since I was born.

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