Maze Dog! (Marcos Crot Version)

The legendary Maze, his mom Kavita and his sisters Candy and Gina!

@NomisTT oh boy fart to the face and pee in the mouth what would they think of next. 😎👍

Get the spider! (Page 2)

I guess slip-ups and mishaps do happen! Fart to the face and pee in the mouth...accidentally of course 😜

Get the spider! (Page 1)

A sister asks for some help from her brother...even though he really needs to pee!

Dear friends,

I had some issues with the admins here not allowing most of my posts to be fully seen. I know what it is about and I'm too ashamed of the admins here for being so hypocritical and discriminatory towards people who are sexually attracted to younger people, and who want to push for sexual and social freedom for everyone.

With that said, I am no longer going to post any works here on baraag.

@NomisTT now there's a party I miss a family game show and it looks like the balloons are popping. 😎

Balloon Bash 1

Our same bottomless duo from "One hole to rule" having a little after-party fun!

@NomisTT And worser and worserer for the director 💢

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