When you're down bad, and lost all your besties, sometimes, all you need in your life is some time with yourself-

WARNING: Toddlercon, Baby, Rape. 

New Toy :anal_beeds:

Time to do something more elaborate, let's make a fresh start.

Support the trashdude:

I watched Kid Cosmic a few days ago and I thought it was cute

Consent was never an option.
Violence is the answer.


Brand new and filled with features for all ages and family members, learn your lesson from the PC part shortage and get em while they're hot off the asembly line.

Full: dropbox.com/s/y1t3pza3hwi09cm/


Originally sketched last year and finished on February with the idea to post page "b" on April's Fools day. Sadly it got leaked some weeks before that. That's why I have been fuking pissed of which had some influence in the last TLH mini comic.

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