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Request from one of my fans!

Lana sleeping with her cunny showing!

If you like my work, and want to see exclusive content, support me at PixivFANBOX!!

(トレーナー) #ロリ

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Top 10 drawings I'd finish if I knew how to draw grass literally at all

@CunnyCraft thats cool but why didn't you reply to my dm? i wanna join the server

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@KabutoZX @kaikoinu forget that, lewd the pokestar special effects characters. i want some of that majussy 😭😭😭

@MaouYumisu @teebles will do after i inevitably end up getting banned lmao

@teebles luckily ive never seen actual cp on here, the second i do im gone for good

@teebles i dont mind 3d render stuff as long as it isn't creepy photorealistic shit, but a lot of it is. there are some genuinely great artists on here, i like crumbles and ploxy for example, but its just FLOODED with absolute trash

@teebles i was told to use this instance by a friend and i question whether or not it was the right decision every day. we're talking about the instance where fucking EscBoy, the single most repulsive artist ive ever seen, somehow earned a checkmark. Send help

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@Ern oh hey i think i recognize your artstyle, good stuff

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