@KabutoZX thoughts on the pokemon presents trailer?

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@Nokilol no strong thoughts on it. It was just another pokemon trailer, after it ended I kinda forgot about it and did other stuff.

@KabutoZX yeah, ive come to expect that. all of the new characters were pretty midtier at best, both mons and trainers. koraidon not using his wheels is infuriating

@Nokilol It at least looks like they fixed the faces a little bit, but I still don’t like this new style all that much. From all the characters they showed the prettiest looking character ended up being a dude. Dumb cave lizard only knows how to walk

@KabutoZX the models are shit, i hated penny when she was revealed cause her model makes her look like like a twitter-addicted tranny. she's actually cute in her official artwork

@Nokilol Yeah they definitely don’t do the characters any favor, and I want to like Penny but that Colgate hair just isn’t my thing

@KabutoZX its the haircut for me, she has a weird bowl cut in the model but a much cuter hairstyle in the artwork

@Nokilol I don’t even consider the model when talking about her look. I’m just not a fan of her look, but I’ll wait for more decent art of her maybe that’ll change my mind

@KabutoZX she looks like she listens to breakcore music lol

@Nokilol Honestly put some headphones on her model and that would complete her whole look

@KabutoZX maybe not on her model, theres no saving that. on her official art though absolutely

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