I need to post more art on here or something. Much lewder stuff

A friends oc being lewd and inviting. Wonder who she's looking at o3o

Happy New Years. Hopefully 2021 is filled more more quality art

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Hope yall have been good this year, wouldn't want Loli Clause to milk you dry as puniahment if you haven't

Man, pettans are amazing. Nothing like flat as a board gals

Ngl, I kinda forgot I opened an account on here again lol

I wanna draw something super lewd but que

I made a Fanbox!

Ill be posting all my fully sized and uncensored stuff on there! So if you like my art or want to see sketches and stuff that you wouldn't normally see, support me on there :>


Fixing things up, I was convinced to make a fanbox and stuff :>

A doodle I did yesterday for fun. Felt like having some fun hehe.

Full picture on my Fanbox~


AGAIN! Gonna be posting art on here again. All my lolis as well as teasers for stuff from my fanbox~

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