Well, that's it xd

Oh, also, 50% off during what's left of June ;3

Hey, ummm, i kinda need some money and i know i said like two or less months ago that i wouldn't be doing them in a long time, buuut... mind if i do some improvised comms?

So here it is special level four: () 1/2 ( x shota x shota x shota) staring the characters from this special's very first poll (since there was a draw, i've decided to bring them in this level as two couples for the price of one) Goten, Trunks, Tweek and Craig by ur choice!

Hey, ummm, just wondering, is there any shipp u haven't seen many or directly any porn of and u'd like to?

OK, since i know who will be staring the next part already, here's the final special poll. Level four: foursome 2/2 (shota(s) x daddy(ies)) (also, sorry if i repeat characters but im running out of ideas :'3)

Now here's special level three: 2/2 ( x x shota) staring , darwin and richard in their human form by ur choice <333

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Well then, here it Is, wanted to do a for a change, maybe i'll do some more, that's It *w*

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hey, umm, without any context, would u like to see him with his socks (and other clothes) off?

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And here it is! special level three: 1/2 ( x shota x shota) staring and by ur choice owo

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My my, such a busy week It was... And yet, i promise im working hard on those threesome (。・ω・。)ノ♡

sorry it took me so much to post this level's other poll, it's been quite a busy week this far... anyway, here it is special level three: Threesome 2/2 (shota x shota x daddy)

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Oh my, the shirt colours are inverted... oh well.

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Tommorrow i'll post the last level two drawing, now let´s move on to special level three: Threesome 1/2 (shota x shota x shota)

K, now im complete with the special level two: 2/3 ( x ) since it's been a draw in that poll and i didn't notice xd in any case, also by ur choice, here are and his :3

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Oh my, i've just realized there's been a draw between Steven x Greg and Atreus x Kratos... oh well, too late for a crossover, i'll simply make another drawing for those two left

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