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Loli shota furry goats o3o 

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I've decided I want to make a slightly chubby shota OC. I don't need to make more OCs, but dammit I'm probably going to get this one made sometime.

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To those who can draw appealing vaginas... Please teach me your ways, Cause god knows I need the help

I got a few human boys who have long hair, but no crossdressing pictures yet. =P

So have my furry boys. a feminine horseboy and a mouse boy in a maid outfit.

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commissions !
im disabled & cant possibly take a real job
β€’ paypal/crypto [ ] only
β€’ if interested DM/email me @
β€’ taken in slots

pls share! rts appreciated!( ; Ο‰ ; )

I need to compile all my OCs sometime for ease of viewing. Dx. But sites that specialize in that are anti loli/shota/cub

I see moth girls being posted a lot. So may as well share my mothgirl. Original art and design done by @shamefulcafe XD the second is orgunis. third Sydery.

The 2nd two dont have baraag to my knowledge.

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There's been a bit of misinformation going around about Baraag
Baraag is not exclusively a loli/shota instance, we're an art instance first and foremost that allows loli and shota art, as well as any other form of art
We rely on users moderating their own browsing experience using the mute/block button, provided there's art you wouldn't like to see on your timeline

Therefore you shouldn't feel ashamed to post whatever art floats your canoe and piques your interests :blobcheer:

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Loli shota furry goats o3o 

Dunno how much people care for pixel art or sci fi, but have an appearing gun i worked on. I need to make effects more flashy, but I enjoyed myself making it. XD

So i found out after I drew this that his uniform in the adoptable sheet I got was a basketball uniform. XD Maybe he is just a super talented kitty and practices both.

Oh jeez. I finally tried shading and while its not the worst thing ever I sure need to learn it better. XD

This is my attempt at drawing a kitty boy I recently adopted from an artist on IB named Bream

I goofed up the hands something fierce I feel, but overall I greatly enjoyed this. I may shade it and add a background, but i've never done that before soooo....maybe not.

shota, cub, furry, cat

So since @Dorothy got a frog girl from Shouk I wanna show off the one I commissioned from Shouk a while back. After all the frogs must take over!

She is an curious and energetic girl who has a thing for cosplay and more importantly convincing others to cosplay (Ironic since I haven't gotten much in the way of cosplay for her) Honestly she just wants an excuse to help you undress and fondle you secretly.

loli, furry(do frogs count?) masturbation

1st by Shouk
2nd by Clara
3rd by Vermelhatan.

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