@ginmods do you have a CashApp?

Web 1 0 0

@ginmods I can give you my BFs email and then we can work out your character here in PMs.

That's $65 for the 5 hour Wing-It

@NeroaMP That sounds good to me, I know I want her to have white hair and the tail of a Snow Fox but the ears of a Fennec Fox.

@ginmods Ooo a crossbreed?~ We going anthro?

Also let me know when the money is sent so I can notify my bf

@NeroaMP Money has been sent, and I kind of want to see you to a Fox Girl and Anthro. I'm not much of a furry but I love cute animals and Disney movies with Anthropomorphic characters

@ginmods A anthropological fox girl~ Age and any specific features I should know?~

@NeroaMP Age can be between 8 and 12 (Emily is 8 in my game so keeping it around that age rang.) I want her hair to be white and her eyes to be Blue but other then that, go ham I have always trusted in the artists capabilities and I have yet to be disappointed.

@ginmods alright! Given it's holiday today I'll have to start tomorrow. I'll play with some ideas though and see what I come up with!

@NeroaMP Yeah I was most certainly not expecting you to do it today ^,=,^ Also, if you have Shiroi on Discord I kind of want to start a fan appreciation server for her were she can share our commissions since I have a feeling she's going to be doing a lot of them for us.
Well fan and friend. ^,=,^

@ginmods mmmm I would talk to them about getting their Discord, but I like the idea

@NeroaMP Oh I already have it, that's how her and I have been taking about my commissions. But I am going to ask her about it next time we talk and if she likes it I'll send you the server invite here.

@NeroaMP ^,=,^ I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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