So you can get flagged for sharing artwork that you commissioned and even if it's your character they left a warning because I wasn't the one who drew it. Got to say that's new to me because on many platforms I've been on long as you have permission it's never been that strict.

Regardless, warning to all commissioners out there, Baraag is strict about the reposting of raw files of another's art. I'll still boost and reblog, but careful out there.


@cheyfoxxy just in case for future notice. Spread the word.

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@cheyfoxxy neither did I, but we worked it out. Was just a mistake. We just need to ensure if commissioners wish to post the art on Baraag that it's explicitly stated who the artist is to not only support them, but to protect them from being flagged under reposting/stealing another's art. They are pretty serious on that which is nice because even when I post art I know they'll defend me.

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