Been gone even longer i know, it was a very bad end of the year.

One more week till I'm not the only project manager.

9 days and it will have been a full year since ive drawn.


sorry ive been gone, been kinda... ..distracted..

lets go with that. yeah.

working on a shader while doin stoof, instead of what i should be doing, which is probably build textures and find a proper baking method that i wont get to annoyed with lol.

So anime hentai vr stuff is fucking weird.

i started messing around on vr chat too if anyone is interested, i don't have friends so all i do is kind of... wander around and throw props at people, creep awkwardly and flip them off.

z brush crashed while i was putting some textures on the fairy and getting it ready and the recovery save corrupted too :laughing_cirno:

Until then, have an untextured fairy i did as a request from somewhere

not bragging, but i didnt know you could use this shit in zbrush, so this'l be interesting to play with once i get passed the weird hentai games that i totally didn't only buy this for.

Yes, hi, hello, am still alive

been busy and working on 3d stuff again here and there, nothin' new to show off just yet.

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