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Thought I should finally finish a commission sheet. Contact me on Baraag, Twitter or Discord.

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I don't particularly like NFTs because they exploit artificial scarcity in an unregulated market.

However, it so funny to see artists shitting on NFTs by saying it's just a receipt and the image is equally replicated. When you damn well those artist are selling "adopts" or cry when people repost their art 🀣

My hatred for Lumity grows every time I see it. I have a strong hatred for relationships like this in media. It pisses me off almost as much as the obligatory, girlfriend character in every movie and book.

Its feels so worthless to the story. If it didn't exist we would have so much more interesting conflict between Luz and Amity.

There is no way people like this are real human beings. This guy said that being attracted to an adult that was a six year old is pedophilia


And its fucking official this time too😭

Well, Finally did it, commissions are truly open, feel free to dm me.

Now I'll draw most things not only just Undertale lol, just won't draw anything too extreme like gore or the like.

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