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I really liked some of @Tsutsuji's vent art, so I want to make a similar set of violent girls. I took a whole hour just making a blood texture.

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Monster girl from invincible. I wanted the shading to look like the show and feel very proud of what I achieved.

Pragmata has been delayed. They Devs left us with the cutest little loli ever though

People are really blowing the dislikes thing out of proportion. Now people are forced to come to their own conclusions about content instead of joining some hivemind.

The worst thing that will happen is that you won't know which tutorial videos don't work anymore.


What is that program that people use to animate still images? The one where you can make certain parts bounce and stretch to give the impression of movement?

Damn, I kinda really like clip studio paint. The program is too bloated with unnecessary tools and I could easily learn everything in a week or two. The brushes I can download trumps anything I could find for Autodesk Sketchbook. Sketching feels so good on here with the right pencil.

After watching Earwig and the Witch again, I have such an urge to talk about it. I definitely think I will now.

Holy shit this is cute, now this is what I'm going to make art of. Inside Job is so good.

Egyptian Pharaoh Girl from that one student animation on YouTube. You know the one.

In case you haven't seen it:

Hey @bintend9, any chance you'll reupload your loli cortana stuff. It was really amazing

I really hated High Guardian Spice lmao. I was willing to give it chance, but god it was so bad.

I don't even know what this girls name is

Any body got recommendations for characters to draw?

Who's that artist that draws the loli in the maid costume with bandaids on her nipples?

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