also here are the screenshots i based it on! They didn't fit on the original post so yeah 😂

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I don't go back on my promises! This is the continuation to the previous edit, still from the same episode of the latest pokémon season...i'm gonna take a tiny break on pokémon for now lol

Anyways, enjoy this lil' edit! Redrew over Ash and Gengar, and kept the BG just like last time. Thought of making this a simple gif but i couldn't figure it out so... 😂 hope y'all like!

Snake eats dick and it's canon.

And no I won't take constructive criticism

@NachosMachos123 swiggity swooty fishing for that booty. Best part about fishing for Darwin is you always have the perfect rod with you :blobamused:

I don't know why but I want to draw Darwin stuff. Any suggestions for that fish boi?

I better start working on my anniversary pic before midnight

@Padoga Brawl Star have so cool characters

Love the ahegao face 😂

Bibi getting caught playing with her spinning bat by little Leon during a match~ Not the best strategy but she seems the type to get a kick out of public indecency.

Mina lost a bet to Otto, and now she need to pay! 😋

Based on @Padoga drawing of them!

Full HD:

If you like my work, support me at PixivFANBOX!!

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