Finally picked the colors I wanted to keep for her, so these will be her main colors. I rendered it out a bit, but I kept the lines. I admit, I was lazy on fully rendering this out. ^.^;

A wip I had for a VERY LONG time, so I did a few things to it. Compared to my other works, it's a bit messy. I held onto it quite long enough though.

Finally put that old school cartoons idea into use with my own take on it. This was also an old doodle which I quickly lined out and shaded.

This started off as a doodle, then I started messing with it more and more. This is the result of me trying something different and putting a lot of effort into it so it looks nice.

The character, like a lot the ones I draw (minus commissions), was made up. I will reuse her.

Finished this fairly quickly. I did like the hair covering the eyes, but I wanted to share an alt with one eye revealed.

My OC: Oil helping the bunny out.

Tier 5 Commission for StargazerNue
Character: Nue - Belongs to StargazerNue

I had fun with this one.

Tier 4 Commission for @ImCoffeeCakes

Character: Neirin - Belongs to @ImCoffeeCakes

This was also my 3rd attempt at cell shading.

Tier 5 Commission Upgrade for @Ash_Is_tweeting
Character: Alexandra - Belongs to @Ash_Is_tweeting

Character belongs to YungYiff
Commissioned by YungYiff

I gave her a customized boxing set. Even creating a clothing brand and logo "Queen's Heart". That part was fun.

A pic I held onto way too long, and decided to speed paint through this. Hope you enjoy.

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