Hey, so I lost my job today,
And with it being so close to Christmas I already spent a huge cut of my money on presents. Truly the timing couldn’t have been worse. Even though I’m trying to see this with a silver lining. I.E. working on my art in a more professional matter. I will still need to be able to pay my rent for January. I’m sorry to have to ask, but anything would help, even a small sketch or just a little kofi donation.

Follow The Recipe: The Creature

And so we come to the finale for this year's presentation.

As per usual, my thanks go to
@TateDGibbs and @NPCBurner and now... let's have this cursed season come to an end!


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I have created a new fanbox plan for those who want to see beyond just an illustration.

The rewards are:
-Sketches, HD file and CLIP of the daily drawings.
-Unpublished sketches.
-An exclusive illustration for the platform for all subscribers.

You can check the example with today illustration. It's free!!

Hope you like this Plan and if we get enough people we can think on making a discord server an pools too :DD. Thanks for your support!!

Another year, another test!
Follow the Recipe comes back charm it's way into your heart!

Wow that is the cheesiest shit I've written in a while.

Anyway, let's get ready for some witchy fun!

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commission Oc's @NPCBurner really cool concept. Thanks for your support :3

Commission open, just MD.

Help me with:

🍂 commission for @Dart25
thank you for your continued support!

full rez and timelapse is available on fanbox as always!

Hey everyone!

As you may or may not know, I do something called Xierraween in October, which is basically just drawing a lot of @xierra099 horror/Halloween themed fanart. I know a lot of you guys, my fans, are also fans of her work, so I encourage any interested artists to do the same! 🎃

-Short test animation- release

Juno taking a relaxing bath

Sound design:

Watch it on NG:

Commissions are open for long-term, so DM me if you'd like a spot in my queue.

🌈$35+ for additional characters
🔞NSFW is accepted (only if you're 18+)
❌No realism/mechas/complex characters

More detail here>

Strong wind and clear sky ahead!🌞
Perfect for finding🏴‍☠️chest & Booty!

I'm opening commissions to help with moving expenses, please make sure to read this entirely before contacting me!

- please do not contact me thru baarag.

Decided to do some updates to soften the shading on Spade's butt :D
And add some subtle effects to the reflection waves

Ultimately, mostly stuff people wont notice!

EDIT - Sorry, grabbed the wrong one!

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