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"However, even on a day where so many can do that which they normally cannot, there are still rules that need be followed. Tricks and Treats. When there are knocks upon your door, you’d best answer them with warm welcomes and a hearty offering, for failure to do so will be returned with your evening turning into a tragedy of amusement."

Halloween is here, now we await the curtain raise and he to take the stage(Well to en extent, damned crunch 😑 )

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"All Hallows Eve, the one time of year where the barrier between worlds is at its weakest. The time of year where spirits return to the Earth and otherworldly beings can exert their influence on the world of man. A day where those who usually live ordinary lives can call upon great powers that have been buried for 364 days to perform magical rituals and feats."

Done for NPCBurner. A little loli halloween treat with Angie, Sadie Mae and a newer character Una. (Because I need more characters :P)

Can we bring back and ?
Here is (my OC) and presenting you with the speciality of their respective Fast-Food-Chain. :blobsmirk:

We continue on with the lewdness!

Harley is bestowing some wisdom upon Tina and Joseph. Positioning is important.

Now for more plugging!
Yeah, we may not finish this before the 31st, but finish we will none the less. No Blue Balling this spooky season!

Created by @NPCBurner
Art by @xierra099
Harley belongs to @Azziz

I'm open for commissions! I'm doing these through a fanbox tier now. you can dm me here or there.

Time again for another missed mid-post. Meant to post this a few days ago, but life took up too much time, so have it now.

Also still October, so keep an eye on Xierra's account for our collab.

Created by @NPCBurner
Art by @xierra099
Harley belongs to Fangsan


Correction to my last toot: baraag.net/@NPCBurner/10499420

There are actually still do more strips after the next one that is in progress. So while this will not reach the full planned completion there are still 3 strips left to go(well more one strip and two panels, but you get the idea.

Okay, a couple of days late but here. Though I sadly have to say this is the second to last post of this little series. I won't go into the details here(feel free to ask if you really want to know)

That said, here's a plug for the Halloween Collab @xierra099 and I are doing: baraag.net/@xierra099/10496362

With that, all done enjoy the game of footsy

Created by @NPCBurner
Art by @xierra099
Harley belongs to Fangsan

A month for witches. For monsters. For treats and tricks.

And so a treat from me to you, Follow The Recipe vol.2

#1 (chopped in pieces for ease of display).

But who will play the tricks?

Thanks to @NPCBurner for all the help and for taking my script and turning it good, and to @TateDGibbs for offering an extra round of proofreading, because BOY, we needed the help today XD

Spooky October begins.

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Oh right a tad late, but I suppose I should comment on @xierra099 post on "Follow the Recipe" and our collaboration.

I can't say too much, because of what my role in this is, but if you pay attention, you'll be able to spot my influence here and there.

Though I'm not the only one influencing things in FTR. Be sure to give him a warm welcome at the end.

What? Thought this was just going to be simple lewdness?

It's Halloween. Where's the fun in treats without tricks? 🎃

Well this one was supposed to be just a bonus, since it's an extension of the last post, but daily life kicked my ass, so have it now(and maybe another post later, who knows October is Thursday as many of you know I'm collabing with Xie for the month)

Okay chat done, lick lick now.

Created by @NPCBurner
Art by @xierra099
Harley belongs to Fangsan

And now let me introduce you, or re introduce you if you followed my Pixiv, to these lovely set of witches.

Follow The Recipe

The original set with it's five strips, and the protagonists of October's coming shenanigans, in a collaboration project with @NPCBurner

So here are the first set, and get ready for more magical adventures!


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