Time for a new in universe post!

Be sure to show love to @xierra099 for her art work
and Draven and Rorian for heping me out(also if you two see this I have not idea what you @'s are)

I have many friends in the NSFW realm, but I rarely is ever get picture done with out characters crossing over.

Now let me immediately counter with this picture of Alex testing the faith and purity of my pal @seventy Christian boy Calvert.

Done by OooeyGooey

Welp, the Dense train is finally back on the tracks. Though the train isn't the usual comic format.

So if you have the time to spare check out the latest installment and leave some feedback on out new experimental format.

Wait for it... imgur.com/gallery/1eA7oKS

Goodnight perverts of the internet! ๐Ÿ›Œ๐Ÿพ

So I made and posted a second Journal like the one I did last month, though it wasn't that well received here so I'll just summarize it's contents.

I have 11+ Dense stories to write and edit, and my process is a long and chaotic one, so wish me luck in getting them done. :blobcatcoffee:

It's February 14th, and you all know what that means. . . The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie is out!

To celebrate I give this offering done by Mia of @TeamPervy

*Decided to write a story on a whim. Is currently on page 9 of the base draft and is just about halfway through the overall story.*

Yeah, I doubt anyone's gonna read this thing. Oh well. ๐Ÿ˜…

Welp time to do some post!
We'll start with the Dense Boy's giving Deiro a white Christmas.
Move onto a story that started with a gift from @xierra099 last year and was continued by @oddkao this year
And end it with a lovely hippie girl.

Merry Christmas ya Perverts! ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿพ

I really do suck at this social thing. Maybe I should do an AMA or "Ask my Characters" thing to cause my activity here to spike :blobcat_sip:

I should really start using sites like this more often, instead of sitting in the back creeping on the post of others.

Time to post My Birthday stuffs( 3 of 3)

Last one, my gift to myself. All done by the amazing @Highware

A slightly updated, and shotafied Masqueraider variant of my avatar Burner meeting the Osamoda Demigod, Coqueline.

Time to post My Birthday stuffs( 2 of 3)

Okay only the first one is this years gift, but I wanted to throw in both the past 2 years, and my very first commission from Xierra099, to show appreciation.

Meet Joseph's 4 Queen's. Don't ask how a geeky boy got a harem of cute girls because I don't know myself.

Diamonds belongs to @Fangsan
Hearts belongs to @RokkuD4
Clubs is my girl
Spades belongs to @seventy

As for the rest of these, enjoy & imagery catered to my odd taste.

Time to post my Birthday stuffs! (1 of 3)

This one isn't a gift for my Birthday, but a thank you for helping someone months ago. But it turned into a gift that kept giving since my 3 characters was turned into a Eiffel Tower between the OC's of Draven Loso, Rorian, and NPCBurner(me).

Welp, that's all to say for this. Enjoy Gay Paris and Gay Paris Le Creme done by .

Day 104! I wanted to try my hand at a goat boy, so here's Peter. He likes wearing oversized clothes.

i got to draw a dark skin freckled pouty boy for @seventy ... what a dream <3333

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