Try browsing #art or related #tags to commission an artist instead of wasting time and money on #NFT.

Borrowed from @bogswallop

@BalooUriza @bogswallop That actually makes me want to make an NFT. What do you have to do? Draw something terrible, and I mean terrible, hype it up as unique, and get some retards to buy it?
Is it that easy of a scam?

@MyriadTribulations Mix in some blockchain buzzword stuff and that's effectively it, yeah. Or you can do what that lion NFT cabal did and just put 'em on a website, then take the money and run...


@BalooUriza Wow, why am I working a job? (sadly I'm not an artist, otherwise the joke would hit harder, because in their case it really is "why am I even putting in this much effort?")

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@MyriadTribulations You should see some of the money that popular high-end fursuit labels go for. There's a few artists that have waiting lists years long to sell a couple hundred bucks of fur sewn together for prices I'd need to take out a new car loan to afford.

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