DarkSydePhil, having lost popularity in the Western market, found new appreciation in the East for his commitment to lets play content, tries it content, and, how can we forget, displaying how he's the KOG (King of Gaming).

P.S. yeah, I didn't translate what it said, the above was just the head-canon that came to mind after seeing "DSP."

tfw haven't learned anything new in the last decade.
I don't know if it'd fall under the dulling of the mind, but it sure seems that way. Of course, anything I already know, I can do, it's merely new things that are troublesome.

> tfw the sound of the clown in DK64 is the sound of fish death in Insaniquarium
Hope it's a freeware sound bit, I just recall Rareware making their SFX by having random people in the office make them.

Fucking hate clicking a program, typing, having the OS switch focus to the program's window, cutting my typing, and sometimes even feeding that text to the new program window.
Worse when I click back to the text editor, only to have it happen again.

> tfw reading a xianxia novel
> reaches the climax of a major battle
> reads "this my home, my court"
> think, "is that a Jojo reference?"
> but then wonder, is that even from jojo, or the jojo x slamjam remix comments section.
> my memory returns...


> tfw write a post
< whoops, this'll reply to someone, let me click "x" on their message box
> clears my entire message

> heater sub-par
> freezing to death
> wear two shirts and a jacket
> doesn't work
> wrap self in a blanket
> doesn't work
> stuff blanket inside jacket
> perfect

I guess it was my core that needed the most insulation, and the shirts and jacket weren't thick enough to contain the heat. Thus, a makeshift "gore-tex" jacket, and I'm good.

Feet still frozen though, but bearable.

There comes a point when you realize ratings are useless. I sort of already knew that, but, at least to an extent, I wanted to be able to depend on them to reduce my workload when looking for something to read. However, when your "fetish" is the colloquial "trash" known as "isekai" or "wuxia" etc. most everything gets down-rated.

Honestly, I'd be more interested in the variance of the genre at that point, but a lot of these stories overlap with multiple genres (multi-variate variance?)

Best I can do with my mediocre editing skills and no Photoshop on this machine.
Base image credit to MahmaPuu, Jack's pic from the vast internet sea.

New Years: The time most everyone, at minimum, doxxes their timezone.

Weird.The ordering of messages in the timeline is fucked up. It seems within the local timeline everything is in order, but the federated timeline is now out of order, at minimum for some instances.

People who don't train their dogs to stfu at night get the bullet too.

One or two barks, whatever, but continuous barking with no intent to shut it up, definitely scum.

God damn do I hate Susan, Youtube, and COPPA.
Can't even look up stuff from your childhood (or anyone's childhood for that matter) without the comments being disabled due to "muh chilluns"
If they're going to have this retarded policy, have it be a moving target. E.g. kids who grew up on 60s, ..., 90s shows are adults by now, so leave the comments in peace.

tfw listened to "Grinch Night" so much, that now I enjoy "A Night Like This" more. Truly, listening to something too much can detract from enjoyment.

In the end, I just use the endpoints (server) as a passthrough to a Python API.

It truly is a struggle to juggle conciseness, clarity, and "it just works works"^TM.

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SvelteKit is OK. Kind of annoyed with the naming resolution for .json vs. .svelte, but that's opened in a GitHub issue, so whatever. It makes sense anyways, theoretically your /api wouldn't use the same namespace as your site, and if you wanted the same endpoint to work for varying types, that'd be more of a parsing 'accept' header situation.

I do hate that, if I wanted sveltekit to be standalone, it'd have to be pure JS via the pages (client) and endpoints (server).

Grossest shit every: ice cream cake.
Make it ice cream, or make it cake.

Seems metomass was made unavailable. It was probably re-uploaded somewhere else though.

Don't forget to tend to your fish in Insaniquarium today, as they'll be able to enjoy a festive holiday jingle if you do.

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