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Here’s a little commission that I requested & forgot to upload it back in September of my OC (Nicole) & @Sariphy ‘s OC (Dahlia) …..A little Idea 💡 from me 😎

Hope you like it😁

Artist: @Sariphy

Note: Thank you for giving me permission to upload.

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Boosted this post if you’re a Black Artist 🧑🏾‍🎨🖼


Here's a little something to say thank you for helping me reach 250 followers on Baraag!

Happy 4th of July be safe or have an excellent Monday (if you don't celebrate this date) or both xD

hiii sorry for not updating in a while! here's a lil mini comic based off a scenario me n my bf made while we were being horny 😳

baby and daddy have some fun while mommy goes out on mother's day!!❤️ 💍 (expand/zoom-in to read)

Don't forget to finish that lemon cake with a nice fill of your special meringue.

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