@CivilHeart_22 I'm doing okay. Thanks for asking. I recently broke my phone to which I created all my artwork on. I have to save up and get a new one. Otherwise, I can't make any artworks.

How is everyone doing today? It's been a while since I talked to anyone. I feel like an asshole sometimes. I'm just busy much.

Are you all alright?

Triplets getting punished by mom's boyfriend for bringing home bad grades....


Tarzan: Hey, Mowgli, Does these undies make me look fat?

Mowgli: Whoa! They make your :birdy: seem huge!!!!! I wonder if your butt looks bigger too!? 😍🤤😘

Tarzan: You're sucha Perv.....😒😠

@Fairyking5222 thanks. I try to improve everyday, but I work a 9-5, so it's difficult to find the time to draw now. 😅

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