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-Chill out, don't harass people.
-If they are nasty, leave them be, they could be children or mentally ill.
-Mania in politics, no one wants to be around that shit, just stop.
-Make a nice tropical drink with alcohol, enjoy these days of peace.
-Watch some comedy, or stuff that actually makes you feel good.
-Lawn chair, pool, and 80s music.
-Become "the guy" that everyone talks kindly about, help out, and refuse to talk shit about others.
-Meditate peace, destroy ego, see yourself in others.

Evaluating the clothing concepts of original characters (Part 2)

When constructing a character it doesn't hurt to pick a choose templates that already exist and let them form into their own style.

Looking at the 2 parts of posted examples what would you imagine is the character's personality?

Evaluating the clothing concepts of original characters (Part 1)

Take note that the dress of a character speaks volumes about their personality, even if it is a uniform.

"Never mistake fashion for style" - LaVey

Random Stranger: So what's your view on abortion?
Me: I can not make an assessment at this time, I am not religious, or a parent, nor am I a woman. I don't want to take the process lightly because the argument on both sides are strong in moral stance.
Random Stranger: Oh so you are the enemy.

Chris Chan News
Chris still thinks he is god, and claims cartoon characters taught him how to be a god.
It's official Barb is no longer living in the old Chandler house. She is deemed unfit to live alone, and the bank has taken Chris' home (hence yahoo maps no longer ids the house as the Sonichu Temple).

Once Chris leaves jail the Homeless Saga will begin.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse version of Super Girl

The cartoon movie sucked ass, but the movie's version of Super Girl was pretty hawt.

Supergirl Koikatsu Card link:

All my cards require the latest HF patch.

If WWIII happens, and nukes are launched, I'm committing Seppuku.

I had a good run, I'm not watching the human misery unfold and doing starvation post-apocalypse thing.

Maybe in in the next 500 years someone will find my body and journal and think "Wow this guy was a genius, he got out when shit hit the fan, he was right about space, and all his Hegelian observations were right on point."

Plans for today:
-Buy kiddie pool
-Fill it with ice and water
-Sit in that bitch
-Beer and ice chest nearby
-80s greatest hits

Titan would make a better colony than Mars.
Titan (Saturn's moon) has an atmosphere thick enough to shield cosmic radiation. It also rains hydrocarbons, it literally rains fuel.

You got safety from cosmic radiation, and you got materials to farm. The cold and closed spaces, well it's still shit but better than Mars. Problem is getting there.

Taking a break from Code Lyoko until the poll ends for male card.

For now, I am playing with other Koikatsu creators OCs and making custom style clothing, if you have a Koikatsu OC and you want to see what I can do to tweak them with a new style, drop me a card.

I promise not to share them with anyone besides the original creator. See if you like fashion I come up with.

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