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I just wanted to make a very special thank you to everyone who's been with me through all of my struggles over the years. Whether you've known me since my y-gallery/4chan days, or you met me last month here on baraag. Everyone who has lent me support over the years has played a crucial part in giving me hope to continue living. And even when I have days where I feel like ending it all, I can always count on some of you to reign me back in. I love you all. Thank you. :blobheartcat:

In the episode The Hooded Chicken, Jimmy gets curious to see if Heloise has actual feet under her robe. His curiosity pays off when finally alone with her~

Timmy and Trixie GS (The Fairly OddParents

For Veklov

Now currently seeking sponsors. If you'd like to see it colored, consider pledging money to it, thank you.
Hi-Res version for pledges only.
Discord Accessible to Fan-Box Pledges Only.

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