@MorphBox Ideally you would want a app that at the very core of it can't be controlled by some one. We see with free and open source software they begin doing stuff like banning others that go on their platform, and that is against their very core principles. Like fediverse banning Gab and gab banning others. Think as if this was crypto and you were holding your monies with only 2/3 of the federated network, and the other 1/3 has no idea how much you have and can't because they are blocked


@strangenpc right, but I'm using a Fediapp and I can access gab and others just fine. Some are choosing to ignore the commies and good on them.

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@MorphBox That's fine, but to have that forced on others shouldn't be...... {{ (>_<) }} I'm trying to remember who's banning who now. I thought one of the mastodon apps blocked gab leading to someone to fork the project to uncensor it and that lead to Fdroid banning that app from their respository

@strangenpc oh no I agree and you're thinking of Tusky. Point is that because of the Fediverse's nature you can try and ban something, but honestly it's pointless.

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