Hello, @a mind explaining why you have a Limited State mode on your supposed "Free Speech" platform? Gee it sure is odd that you're acting just like the people you despise aka Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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@MorphBox @Alienate


Yeah, torba was definitely going around shadow banning ppl but didnt know masto would tattle on him. I've seen several examples of this. not an accident.

@Ricotta @MorphBox @a judge dread, you posted an anime pic in the I hate Gab group, it was in my notifications, but it is no longer in the group. Also someone posted a drawing of lactating titties that is also gone. The lain picture I posted is still there. Where do you suppose the anime and tiddies went

@Grandtheftautism @a @Ricotta Daddy Torba is cleaning house I see. Trying to make the retirement home more comfy for the old folks aka the Boomers.

@MorphBox @a Hahahahaha @adam has limited me on his server as well. He goes nuts on his podcast over supposed free speech places banning or limiting accounts because of one thing or another yet he does it himself. Hypocritical people are everywhere.

I still recommend the No Agenda show though.

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