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Ah! I now have a Patreon page! If you have some money to spare consider dropping me some dough :blobpeekjohnny:

Suzuho is a very pure girl! She's only lewd when drunk, I swear.

Spoilerina's human form is so cute I couldn't resist (again)

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In a really good mood today, meet one of my favorite artists of all time online

Have an uncensored Zossie from Pokemon Ultra Sun&Moon

Never posted this on Pixiv because I refuse to censor it. :blobtea:

It's night time! Finaly time to doodle stuff!
.... and my mouse decides to stop working properly 😭
Another night of just reference hunting :cry_konata:

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Sketcha done!!! thank you to all the 5$ pledgers that participated! See ya next week!!!! The high res uncensored versions available to all pledgers at

When Makoto/Verity was first announced I really liked her so I made my own reference sheet of her.

I had lots of free time those days 😭

I've just noticed I never posted the uncensored version of this work of mine :doge:

Random OC I drew, probably one of my first commissions

How did I started drawing?
Long story short: I fell in love with a 2d girl who didn't have enough fan art

I finally decided to try coming up with my own style for western cartoon characters


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