[UPDATE] Can't believe its already been a week since I last posted here...I didn't even work on this that much but here's some progress.. Still just some rough keyframes without tweens... Next progress in a week probably

Ron walks in on his sister, Heather busying herself on her computer

For those of you that wanted to see Angie and Gwen with huge tits... here you go!

A couple of my underused girls getting some love... and giving Gabriella some ideas.
commissioned by Gremloblin.

I need some help deciding who is going to hang out with Molly, Gabby, Dana and Charlotte for this year's halloween picture.


It's that time of year again when Molly and friends need to decide on their halloween theme. Help them choose by voting on the poll!


This is it. The last page of Cross My Heart. A comic that's taken me over a god damn year to draw. Thanks to Gremloblin for commissioning this project and collaborating with me to write it.


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