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Richard the Rabbit and a lolified Flan!
Commissioned by @poorisbad
Thank you for your support, had a lotta fun with this one! πŸ‡

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My first ever attempt at an animation loop

Hope you like it :o

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Mother's Day is coming up, go give her some flowers to show your love

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loli, bestiality 

"Sasha Waybright and a disgusting warty slimy toad penis, A love tale for the ages."

(drawpile doodles i made over the last month)

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Thanks to a very kind and generous friend @blogorg , for commissioning me. πŸ’›

I had a lot of fun drawing it.

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This miiight make some people unfollow me and that's fair.

But I wanna move on to some more degenerate things and ideas.. :smuggest: but I'm all out of ideas.

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