Not every day you see a boy with the corkscrew spine that lets you see his front and ass at the same time.

Just found out about the pregnant Raz easter egg in Psychonauts 2 and am scarred now.

I don't know why my grumpy ass finds Max Tate's extrovertism so endearing. I guess opposites sometimes do attract.

Bede smut where he ISN'T banged by Chairman Rose plz.

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I don’t find real life kids sexy, not in the slightest.

Most kids are loud and annoying little shits.

Fictional characters are where it’s at baby!

I could build a harem out of nothing but Pokeboys.

People concerned that jerking off to shota porn is a gateway that'll lead me to doing actual bad things should be happy to learn that I find RL sex rather disgusting.

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Since someone posted about there not being enough good Art and considering that I love Mokuba, I made these....


There is disappointingly little good Mokuba art out there. Especially now that there's boring adult Mokie too.

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Ask me pervy things here and I'll answer anything honestly.

I do have to answer every question as well :3

Only limit is anything breaking IRL privacy (or if something comes up that's an obvious limit, it'll be said there) X3

Bart Simpson is canonically chubby, right?

If only I woke up with a cute shota in my bed.

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Petition to cub/shota-fy all characters. Famous characters. Side characters. Original characters. No one is safe 😈

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Imagine waking up tomorrow and your sona is a cub, completely canonically. You log on to see your profile pics changed to your cub sona. You try ti change it to another picture, maybe one of your hundreds of commissions, but every single one is now your cub sona. You find yourself forgetting any time when they weren't a cub, everyone around you acts like it's always been that way. Maybe it has been, you'd never know now. Initial panic to confusion to acceptance 😈

Perma cub TF.....on the brain 😈

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