Me, a cute Inkling, a pool of his ink, both naked.

Boy who got buckteeth from sucking too much dick.

I love fiction where there are so few female characters that everybody starts to appear unintentionally gay.

I'm a romantic first and foremost. I want gay boys in love.

Yaoi is my sweet, warm shelter that has gotten me through so many dark days.

Seeing a lot of emboldened transphobes online lately. Here's a friendly reminder that you can fuck right off with that attitude.

I just want to hold Mokuba in my arms and stroke his hair.

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Really just want to indulge in shota romance today.

I'm a man of simple desires. All I want is Ash Ketchum in my bed.

Somewhere is a universe where Ash Ketchum is real and my boyfriend.

Characters aged up to make them legal? Pfft. Age legal characters down instead!

I get weirded out about by incest, but then I think about what if Mokuba was my little brother and...

Looking at shotas and weeping. It's one of those days.

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